RASA NLU not extracting entities for keys which are not in training data

rasa-core 0.13.8

rasa-core-sdk 0.12.2

rasa-nlu 0.14.6

i have created training data and trained my model using spacy_sklearn pipeline . entity extraction is working for keywords mentioned in training data , but for other keywords it is not getting entities

attached my training data nul_data.txt (936 Bytes)

below is the sample conversation

Your input → show traffic news
i can definitely help you , the top 5 news of the traffic

Your input → show office news
surely,I can help you , the top 5 news of the traffic

below is config file i have used

language: “en”

pipeline: “spacy_sklearn”

Hi @prathap9000

the spacy_sklearn pipeline uses the CRFEntityExtractor which is documented as working good with custom defined entities. If you want to achieve the model to be able to extract varieties of those entities at the same or similar positions, I’d suggest to use a lookup table.

Keep in mind that even for a lookup table you’ll need certain training samples containing a variety of entities.

Regards Julian