RASA mysql tracker disconnecting issues


This is my tracker config

   type: SQL
   dialect: "mysql+mysqlconnector"
   url: "mysql@X.X.X.X:3306"
   db: "chatbot"
   username: "user"
   password: "pass"

and i keep on getting this error when i open the terminal next… For time being it work while testing … when i open next day … I keep on getting this error

Error happened when trying to save conversation tracker to 'SQLTrackerStore'. Falling back to use the 'InMemoryTrackerStore'. Please investigate the following error: (mysql.connector.errors.OperationalError) MySQL Connection not available.
[SQL: SELECT events.id AS events_id, events.sender_id AS events_sender_id, events.type_name AS events_type_name, events.timestamp AS events_timestamp, events.intent_name AS events_intent_name, events.action_name AS events_action_name, events.data AS events_data
FROM events, (SELECT max(events.timestamp) AS session_start
FROM events
WHERE events.sender_id = %(sender_id_1)s AND events.type_name = %(type_name_1)s) AS anon_1
WHERE events.sender_id = %(sender_id_2)s AND (events.timestamp >= anon_1.session_start OR anon_1.session_start IS NULL) ORDER BY events.timestamp]
[parameters: [immutabledict({})]]
(Background on this error at: http://sqlalche.me/e/e3q8).

Also the timestamp in my db saves in a scientific manner

1.5834E+09 1.5834E+09 1.5834E+09

check once your database is running or not. That may an issue

And for timestamp go to your column configuration and change it.

Database is running fine… Because i see updates in db after i run the model.

Also when i change db column from FLOAT to DATETIME all values turns out to be zero weirdly

are you sure initially the column is in float type? Why because when I try to insert the “1.5834E+09 1.5834E+09 1.5834E+09” it gives me the error that invalid entry.

i meant those fields are getting inserted independently

1.5834E+09 1.5834E+09

database is working fine i am still getting disconnecting issues.


Still facing issue… looking for some fix