Rasa meaning

I have been studying and using Rasa for months, but I have always wondered where does the word RASA comes from? What is its meaning?

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@kabirivan Hello, That’s a really a very nice question but I guess in some platform I got to know what its means, I can be totally wrong, that can only be confirm by Rasa Team or CEO :slight_smile:

Rasa meaning?

noun. (in Hindu aesthetics) flavor, sentiment, or emotion: regarded as one of the fundamental qualities of classical music, dance, and poetry.

RASA . Receive, Appreciate, Summarize, Ask.

Rasa chatbot?

Rasa is a framework for developing AI powered, industrial grade chatbots. It’s incredibly powerful, and is used by developers worldwide to create chatbots and contextual assistants. In this tutorial, we are going to understand some of the most important basic aspects of the Rasa framework and chatbot development.

Good question :slight_smile:

It’s explained here by @j.mosig:

Fun fact: This repo has the “opposite” name of Rasa :slight_smile:

@ChrisRahme I think we should investigate this topic :wink: this is really a very good question!

As suggested the complete meaning!

What is tabula rasa mean?

Tabula rasa, (Latin: “scraped tablet”—i.e., “clean slate”) in epistemology (theory of knowledge) and psychology, a supposed condition that empiricists have attributed to the human mind before ideas have been imprinted on it by the reaction of the senses to the external world of objects.

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@nik202 interesting answer! I tell you that all the material that they create in Rasa is very very useful. I am trying to introduce this technology in my country, ECUADOR, first I want to finish my thesis based on Rasa and I hope it goes very well.

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@kabirivan Good Luck! Bro for your thesis work and If you need any further help please feel free to ask any questions and we will try our level best to answer and provide the solution :slight_smile: