Rasa in Google Colab

I have been trying to run a cricket game chatbot in google colab.(new to rasa) Have attached the code too. Issue I am facing: Executing make action-server, result I am getting Action endpoint is up and running. on (‘’, 5055) In the tutorial I saw, it has been instructed to open a new terminal to execute the command make cmdline But how to implement this in google colab. Please help to clarify

Cricket_Chatbot.ipynb (90.8 KB)

@GouthamanAsokan Is there a particular reason you want to run it in google colab? You can use something like nohup from inside the notebook to start the action server as a background process. Similar to how it’s done here

I have been using Colab primarily for the coding purposes and hence tried in it. Problem still persists when the command is given as:

!nohup make action-server &

!make cmdline