RASA form compatibility

Greetings to everyone. I an intern currently working on deploying a chat for our social media handles. I have been trying to implement a form which handles user sign up. Giving hat i had to migrate the project from RASA 1.0 to 2.0 wh already containt some other forms , after i implement the form wh collects user sign up info using the RASA 2.0 format it just breaks the code, nothing works. Pls what could b the main reason behind this

There have been some breaking changes. Mainly because of the new RulePolicy.

I’m working on content that explains it all from scratch that you might find useful.

I’ve added the first two videos because they are required knowledge for the last video.

I hope this helps. There’s more content on the way, you can find the code examples that I’m using here.