Rasa for robotic manipulation with ROS

I am utilizing Rasa in robotic manipulation using the robotic operating system (ROS). I was wondering if any others would utilize such a feature as it would allow communication with a robotic system through natural language.

I would like to know any suggestions in terms of how any of you would benefit of such a link so I can create a project that allows an easy link between the two with some sample tasks for the robot.

Hi, Nasr, did you do something about this topic ? Ros, Rasa things?

Hello @Fei, I have linked them successfully for robot teleoperation and autonomous navigation. I would be happy to help if you need anything.

Hi @Nasr, I’m currently working with ROS and RASA. And now I want to send a RASA Entity to ROS Navigation (Name or ID of a person). So how can I do this stuff, sir? Please give me a hand. Thanks you pretty much, sir!

Hello @datvtmkac, I’ll work on adding the code to github and I’ll share the link within the next 2 days.

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Great to here that, sir! And I have another question too, that I want to send Unicode data in String type to ROS. So can we do this with ROS1, sir?

Many thanks with respect, @Nasr!

I’m not sure I get your question correctly. But if you’re going to transform it to string you can easily do that by following the demo talker-listener tutorial (Python, C++)


Can you please share your github repo for ROS connection with chatbot?

please share repo if possible