Rasa extracting entity with special characters

Hi all,

I have a problem with extracting special characters, for example word1 > word2, then I get word1 word2. Anyone has a solution for this?

using this config:

language: en pipeline: supervised_embeddings policies:

  • name: MemoizationPolicy
  • name: KerasPolicy
  • name: MappingPolicy
  • name: FormPolicy

So the > character is omitted from the result?

Can you please add a bit more detail on what you get from Rasa as a result and how your training data look like?


He doesn’t pick up the > sign from the entities, but the rest of the words it does. So result of the entity extraction is for example: mpi_subnational_old.csv Sub-national region

The same with:

gives: Massaud Conference Chair mid-back level 2

As a temporary solution I hacked a search function together, but it would be nice if it would extract the special signs.

And one I can’t solve, because he picks up nothing is, when the hook is at the back

  • is [GSA Contract (General Services Administration)](asset_name:GSA Contract (General Services Administration)) an asset?

  • is GSA Contract (General Services Administration) an asset?

gives no entities

Any update on this or should i report this as an issue?

find any solution for this problem?