Rasa dynamic button values from API issue

Hello all!

I have rasa buttons that have title and payload values filled from API, making it dynamic. The custom action(action_ask_menu_list) is a form where I have these buttons that look like this,

{“title”: f"{menuName}“, “payload”: '/all_menu_button{“menu_id”: " '+f"Menu id is {menuid}”+’ "}'}

PS: {menuName} and {menuid} fetched from api.

I am trying to set slot, ie menu_list = {menuid}, in the validation action for this custom action and then jump onto the next custom action form(action_ask_categpry_list) where this {menuid} will be used for showing categories within the selected menu by the user(again same dynamic buttons thing).

It’s working perfectly fine on the command prompt. However, I am not able to execute this idea while trying on Postman.

My rules look like this,

  • rule: submit menu name for category condition:
    • active_loop: menu_list_form steps:
    • action: menu_list_form
    • active_loop: null
    • slot_was_set:
      • requested_slot: null
      • menu_list: null
    • action: categories_list_form
    • active_loop: categories_list_form
    • slot_was_set:
      • categories_list: null
      • requested_slot: null


  • intent: all_menu_button examples: |
    • Menu id is 201(menu_id)
    • Menu id is 201
    • Menu 201(menu_id) - BREAKFAST AND BRUNCH
    • Menu [201] - BREAKFAST AND BRUNCH(menu_id)
    • Menu id is 273


slots: menu_list: type: any influence_conversation: false mappings: - type: from_entity entity: menu_id conditions: - active_loop: menu_list_form requested_slot: menu_list

forms: menu_list_form: required_slots: - menu_list


  • menu_id


  • all_menu_button

Can someone help me with this?