Rasa deployement : Cannot find ruamel.yaml on docker compose

both package are not working @nik202 am still trying to figure it out is there a package that can remplace ruamel in order to load @nik202

Hello @nik202 Its working now I was using the action that was provided par by rasa itself and not building mine @nik202 the problem is that now the action server is not registering the functions. Whenever i want something the require the action server in the rasa x, when i check the logs they said the function are not found @nik202

@M_R_LY What is provided by rasa, please share that with us. @M_R_LY What is your current issue, I not get you, please share error.

hello @nik202 sorry youre right, here is more additionnal information

When i do the docker-compose up -d command, the first two lines appears (those in black). when i go to the rasa x interface and i start to speak to the but, whenever i ask something that need custom actins, the bot doesnt respond and when i check the log its said that there is no registered action … @nik202

@M_R_LY share your action file and domain.

@nik202 here is where i defined in the actions file

as you see, the function is here and the others too. I also defined it in the domain file (its link to my github account ) image @nik202

:sob: its working now i was not overiding the start command it was enough to put the following command CMD ["start", "--actions", "actions"] in the docker file

i dont know how to thank yoou, you were really patient and understanding :pray:

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@M_R_LY No worries, good you solved this query finally! If you got time do share the complete solution and close this thread. Good Luck!

Dont worry @nik202 actually am trying to link a mysql database to the project. i think rasa is using a different one but i will try to figure out how to do it @nik202

i saw that you did a very good tuto so if you got time, show us how to do it @nik202

hello @nik202 do you know how to configure rasa-x in order to use our local mysql database and connect it to action server ?? @nik202

@M_R_LY I guess you need to create a new thread for mysql issue with Rasa-X.

got it @nik202 and am gonna mention you or if you know someone

@M_R_LY Hello! Can I request you to please close this thread as a solution for others?

hi ok its done thanks for the help