Rasa Deepspeech Voice Connector

Dear Rasa-Team,

I followed your guide “How to build a voice assistant with open source Rasa and Mozilla tools

Everything works like it is describe in your tutorial. BUT on my website the ball is jumping all time.

Here some details:

Terminal with “rasa run --enable-api -p 5005” shows Connected! after open localhost:8080*

credentials.yml* is modified as describe in the tutorial

socketio_connector.py is modified in line 184 to accept the cors issues.

docker run -p 8000:8000 rasa/duckling shows “quack!”

If I use Ngrok between localhost:8080 and localhost:5005 is see only this:

GET /socket.io/ 101 Switching Protocols
GET /socket.io/ 200 OK
GET /socket.io/ 200 OK
GET /socket.io/ 101 Switching Protocols

The same in the browser chrome, safari and firefox. I see that “switching Protocols” start and get an return of 200 and stops.

Do have some idea or advice for me?

By the way, is that correct in your tutorial :

Start the Rasa custom action server:

rasa run actions --actions demo.actions

should it not be:

rasa run actions --actions actions.actions

Thank you in advance,



Someone please respond to this.

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@mtietke I am also facing the same issue. please help Rasa-team.

I fell into the same problem, is there anyone who found the solution.

I rebuilt my own custom voice connector webhook and javascript template, you can check github.com/earroyoh/Dadbot. Sharing soon in Rasa, still fighting with SSL certificates.