Rasa custom entity extractor

hello everyone!

I’m trying to add a new component as an entity extractor for Persian names to the rasa pipeline. I found a fine-tuned Bert model for this and it works well.

The component successfully passes the rasa train but the problem is in the rasa shell section. It gives me the following error:

rasa.core.agent - Could not load model due to Erro initializing graph component for node run_components.name_entity_extractor.MyNameEntityExtractor4…

config.yml and the custom class are as follows:

I also tried the following forum suggestions but none of them works for me.

Any help is really appreciated!

What are the errors you are getting? Usually there is a specific one that causes failure in loading the graph component.

@aliasad059 similar to your application can we use some different entity extractor model for extracting the entities? I trained one custom spacy model for extracting the “SKILL” and i want to use that model in rasa chatbot how to use that can someone pls tell me?