Rasa core without action file to run

Hi I am using rasa core + ras nlu as a rest API, i do not have any custom action . My question is how to restart a conversation when one story end. i got to know there is inbuilt action_restart you may add in your domain file and also in stories where you want to start the conversation. as i am not running any rasa_core_sdk since i do not have any action file , so it throws some error like

2018-12-13 06:34:09 ERROR rasa_core.processor - Encountered an exception while running action ‘action_restart’. Bot will continue, but the actions events are lost. Make sure to fix the exception in your custom code. 2018-12-13 06:34:09 ERROR rasa_core.processor - The model predicted the custom action ‘action_restart’ but you didn’t configure an endpoint to run this custom action. Please take a look at the docs and set an endpoint configuration. https://rasa.com/docs/core/customactions/

How the moodbot is running which is given in the rasa core , as it does not have any action . the moment user says “hi” it started the conversation.

Also i want to remove all the slot values when a new conversation start.

for training rasa core

python -m rasa_core.train -s data/stories_telecom.md -d domain_telecom.yml -c policy.yml -o models/dialogue

my policy.yml


  • name: KerasPolicy epochs: 50 max_history: 3
  • name: MemoizationPolicy max_history: 3
  • name: FallbackPolicy nlu_threshold: 0.5 core_threshold: 0.3
  • name: FormPolicy

i am using rasa-core==0.12.2 rasa-nlu==0.13.8

I appreciate your suggestions

hey @swagat123,if you want to use action_restart in your story or if you want to restart the conversation you can use action_restart in your story no need to mention action restart in your domain file because action_restart is default action https://rasa.com/docs/core/customactions/#actions

below is the sample for action_restart i havent mentioned action_restart in my domain.yml file


Hope this helps :wink:

Thanks Jitesh. I have already added that not only - action_restart but -restart also in stories You don’t have to add both of these in domain file.

here is the stories


  • goodbye
    • utter_goodbye
    • action_restart
    • restart

So it also solved me slot issue. when the next story start all the slot values becomes null.

your slot values becomes null because if you run action_resart it makes all the slot value null,

i hope the issue is solved @swagat123 :sweat_smile:

Yes. it is solved now. :slight_smile: