Rasa core model unable to give response

(Rameshjesswani) #1


I have installed Rasa core(pip install rasa_core) and Rasa NLU(pip install rasa_nlu[tensorflow] ) . I have created default stories.md and domain.yml as given in the example page. After training the model(python -m rasa_core.train -d domain.yml -s stories.md -o models/dialogue) . When I run it(python -m rasa_core.run -d models/dialogue) and enter the message “\greet” or “Hello” it does not give any response.

Could anyone please help me this?

(Deepak Shetty) #2

Difficult to say without seeing your domain or stories or log. Did you also try interactive mode ? Note if you mean an intent of greet it is /greet(forward slash not backslash) and there should be a story with * greet and Hello will only work provided you trained the NLU with enough data.

(Rameshjesswani) #3

Thanks Its working.