Rasa Core End-To-End Evaluation

(Alex Fung Chun Kwan ) #1

Hi guys,

I am trying to perform end-to-end evaluation using rasa_core.evaluate. The following command I am running is this:

python -m rasa_core.evaluate default --core models/relocation/dialogue --nlu models/relocation/nlu --stories test/e2e/e2e_relocation_stories.md --endpoints endpoints.yml --e2e

I’ve made sure e2e_relocation_stories.md contains stories in an end-to-end format. For example:

## end-to-end story 3
* hello: hi
   - utter_greet
* non_resident_relocation: moving to Malaysia.
  - action_determine_if_restricted
  - slot{"is_h3" : false}
  - utter_confirm_GPE
  -  utter_is_account_personal_or_non_personal
* non_personal_account: non-personal
  - action_set_email_type
  - slot{"email_type" : "non_personal"}
  - utter_escalate_to_compliance
  - action_send_email_to_compliance
  - utter_goodbye

I’ve uploaded the exception I got in a log file instead.

(Ella Rohm-Ensing) #2

Hey @alexf388, I appreciate your not wanting to muck up the screen with the stack trace, but unfortunately I can’t see your log file. Could you try to upload it again or just post the trace? Then I can help you out.