Rasa core agent load, not working

Hi I am training my model and loading that model in some python code. If I run the same model in the rasa shell it’s working fine but if I load by using “rasa.core.agent” “agent.load()”, It’s not working as expected

I am using RASA rasa 2.3.0 rasa-sdk 2.3.1 rasa-x 0.35.1

HI @Sharu . You should load your assistant using the rasa shell function. Can you share the code where you are using the agent.load() method?

HI @Juste ,

If I run the rasa project using cmd > rasa shell it’s working as I expected. but

from rasa.core.agent import Agent

from rasa.core.utils import EndpointConfig

cofiguring rasa action endpoint

action_endpoint = EndpointConfig(url=data[“action_server_url”])

loading the agents

agent = Agent.load(“D:\ChartBot\ChatbotHealthAgent.tar.gz”,action_endpoint=action_endpoint)

This one not working as expected