Rasa block's external communications?

Hi guys! So, I’m looking in the documentation and I can’t find any that clarify my doubt. I’m afraid that rasa won’t respond to my rest api until it finishes processing the message, because the server is sanic and there’s an await there in the on_new_message function call makes me think that it doesn’t wait for the message to be processed to respond the api that called the rasa but is that what happens? i think about putting the custom connector listening to rabbit mq queues, but if rasa doesn’t block communication there is no need to use rabbit, I need to hear the voice of your wisdom hahah, I can say that rasa doesn’t block communication in input channel with external api’s?

Hey, I did the tests and unfortunately the rasa blocks the communication, does anyone know where I can find an example to put the input channel as celery worker and not as api?