Rasa - Asking a user for value confirmation inside of an Action


For my graduation, I’m making a virtual assistant that can be accessed through voice-to-text. The converted text is then being sent to my Rasa Chatbot.

Since the converted text might not always be accurate, I would like to confirm with the user whether or not the text is what he/she has said. I want to do this after I do the call to the backend to reduce the amount of redundant interaction between user and application (if the value might be correct)

I’m making use of a form to fill the required slots. After these are filled, I call the action “action_check_reservation” (check attachments)

If the request that I get from my back-end returns false, I would like to ask the user if the given input is correct ({visitor_name} and {contact_person_name}). If the user answers “yes”(I assume I could re-use the existing affirm intent), I can simply tell the user that the appointment doesn’t exist.

However, if the user answers with “no”, I would like to have the user enter these values again and rerun the entire flow. (do the call again).

I understand how to ask the user whether or not the entered values are correct, but how do I handle the response of the user (detect affirm/deny intent and perform certain actions based on that)

actions.py (1.9 KB) rules.yml (741 Bytes) domain.yml (1.3 KB)

Every little help is appreciated!

Thanks for listening,