Rasa Actions.py file error

Hey guys , I have an error in my actions.py file in pycharm when i had opened it for using custom actions. This was the code i wrote and it was underlined in red indicating an error from rasa_sdk import Action, Tracker from rasa_sdk.executor import CollectingDispatcher Error: Unresolved reference : Action Unresolved reference : Tracker Unresolved reference : CollectingDispatcher can someone please help me with this

@SyedBilalHasan can you please share the screenshot of this error?

@SyedBilalHasan In PyCharm have you created the conda environment? Yes or No? @SyedBilalHasan In terminal type rasa --version and share me the versions of rasa and rasa-sdk for me please. I hope it return some value.

Rasa Version : 2.8.3 Rasa SDK Version : 2.8.1 About the conda env in pycharm i have just activated the conda enviroment in the anaconda prompt but no where else . What else do i do @nik202 ?

@SyedBilalHasan after activating the conda environment can you type rasa --version and share the screen please?

In the anaconda prompt or in Pycharm

@SyedBilalHasan what ever you using for running ?

Rasa Version : 2.8.3 Minimum Compatible Version: 2.8.0 Rasa SDK Version : 2.8.1 Rasa X Version : None Python Version : 3.8.0 Operating System : Windows-10-10.0.19041-SP0 Python Path : C:\Users\Syed Mohammed Bilal\anaconda3\envs\rasa_install_demo\python.exe

@SyedBilalHasan I guess you not imported some files packages correctly and some code syntax, can you share the actions.py file and can you make out all the files out from ven folder. Just for example purpose only the below image.

Screenshot 2021-08-23 at 9.08.24 PM

Hey @nik202 i have been able to solve this by installing Tracker , Action and Collecting Dispatcher packages thanks for your help

How did you solve the issue? I did pip install Actions and the problem is still there?

@SyedBilalHasan please mark abve post as solution please.