Rasa Action Server to service different users simultaneously

Hello team,
I have developed a chat bot with RASA.
My Query is -
Suppose there are 2 users - U1 and U2
they queried for two different requests - Q1 and Q2
I can see both these queries in this terminal -
rasa run --enable-api -m models/dialogue -m models/nlu/current --debug --endpoints endpoints.yml --cors “*”
But in rasa run actions terminal , it executes sequentially
First Q1 then Q2 , if Q1 reached first\

I want for different users , rasa run actions maintain different instances

Hi @vi.kumar, the action server is implemented asynchronously, so it is not serving one user after the other (although it may look that way in the logs). It looks like you’re getting input on this thread Rasa is not able to handle more than 4/5 concurrent requests so I’ll leave the convo there for now