Rasa 3.0 Voice Handoff

I have done a voice implementation through twilio channel. I can able to connect to rasa server via phone call through twilio. Like live agent handoff in chat, is there any way for voice handoff.

And for voice, Is twilio is the only option ???

@Anush voice is a very generic. are you speaking of phone calls/IVR or a web channel or smart assistants. each handle voice differently.

regarding handoff, usually in Rasa you can send a couple of events for pausing/restarting the conversation in the tracker, this way once handoff occurs, the bot will maintain the previous state of the user session in the tracker as long as it is paused. once the handover is finished, you send a resume event so the bot can pick up where it was left off.

the handoff itself, you need a middleware to manage it, between the channel and rasa/live agent

Hello @souvikg10 I am talking about the phone calls. Once conversation is paused, then how we can send event to bot to restrat it?