RASA (2.0) HTTP API unclear documentation / Usage from not python devs/envs

Hi all

I’d like to interface the RASA platform via HTTP APIs, but I found a lot of unclear points.

As a nodejs developer I want to integrate RASA inside a no python environment, so I would need a clear API interface.

Here the HTTP API documentation web pages I found:

The issue I see is that documentation is really clear.

See also my old posts for more details:

Maybe now the action server endpoint data are now better documented, but what is missing is maybe

  • an introduction on “how to” use RASA HTTP API
  • for the RASA NLU part
  • for the full RASA core integration
  • including the action server backend integration.

As I proposed in the github issue 5763 above linked, I’m thinking a full documentation rework, with a special eye on not-python ecosystem.

BTW, my side I’m available to contribute maybe to test the nodejs interface, etc.

It make sense? If yes, please star this post :slight_smile:

cheers giorgio

BTW, I also opened an issue: RASA 2.0 HTTP API unclear documentation · Issue #7189 · RasaHQ/rasa · GitHub

I’m open to discuss also here!