Pymongo error 'Loop.create_server' was never awaited

I have this error when I run:

sudo docker run -it --name rasa_server -p 5005:5005 -v $(pwd):/home/app imagename run --model modelname.tar.gz

My docker-compose and endopoints files:


I switched to postgresql and tried locally with “Rasa shell” and I have the same error just different module:

Can anyone help?

That’s interesting — I was unable to reproduce it on my machine. Can you please share your endpoints file with postgres configuration?

Here you go:

  type: SQL
  dialect: "postgresql"
  url: postgres
  port: 5432
  #login_db: postgres
  db: postgres
  username: postgres
  password: pw

Also, unrelated question, if I’m working with AWS RDS, should I put that in url when I go to production? (url: