Probleme with greeting intent detection

Hi all,

I have a problem for detecting the greet intent. I have set the NLU threshold to 0.7

I have data and i have trained a model --> results: hello predicted with 0.77 I add new intents and new expressions that does not contain hello --> results : hello predicted with 0.63 --> so fallback

ANy help please ??

@Asmacats, you can create an intent in your nlu.yml file called “greet” providing greetings examples. Define it in domain.yml with its according bot’s response on responses: utter_greet. Then, create a storie on your stories.yml file. Something like:

- story: greet
  - intent: greet
  - action: utter_greet

Then you can retrain your model or even use rasa interactive to teach and guide your assistant.

Thank you for your response! my problem is that greet is recognized with 67% while my threshold is set to 70%