Problem with custom action - slot resetting

Dear all,

I hope you can help me on this issue I currently have. I am trying to use a custom python action to reset one of my slots during one of the stories. However, when I try to run it in rasa interactive I get this message:

The code in my is the following:


And I started my action endpoint server here:

I think potentially, I have defined the endpoint incorrectly in the config.yml file:


Does anyone assume what the problem might be? Do I need the “/webhook”, in the endpoint?

Many thanks in advance,


you can try rasa run actions -vv to check your debug log

Also, I think you need rasa sdk to run this action sever.

pip install rasa-sdk

I have the same issue previously, then I realise my rasa sdk and rasa are of different versions. If you still encounter the problem. can you take screenshot of your action sever’s log?

Thanks for your input. I started running the action server with -vv and realized that no logs were being printed, meaning no connection was established. After restarting the rasa server, I was able to successfully call the actions!

Thanks for your help!