Problem while integrating rasa 2.3.4 to my website : Socketio

Hello have some issue with socket io could u help me please ? I am using Rasa Version : 2.3.4 Sdk 2.3.1 and python 3.7 I am trying to connect rasa to my website and its seem like it is not connecting I have already added this code in the html file and modified the credential file too. I runned the command rasa run -m models --enable-api --cors "*" i have this error in my terminal " AttributeError: ‘AsyncServer’ object has no attribute ‘generate_id’ "

Finally solved i am using python-engineio==3.13.2 and python-socketio==4.6.1 for a rasa 2.4.0 version !


Thanks, maybe of relevance for others. I was coming from rasa 2.3.0 in combination with python-socketio==5.0.0 and python-engineio==3.13.2.

I dated rasa up to 2.4.0 → no improvement

going back to socketio==4.6.1 was the game changer…