Prediction is keep on loading while using tensorflow model

I have trained my NLU model using the tensorflow model. When i try to predict the model. it keep on loading without timeout… it got stuck on the parse method of rasa nlu python library.

This issue is happening when i am running this as docker container. I am not getting any error to debug this issue. Since the request is not getting timedout.

I am using the below versions

python : 3.7.3 rasa_nlu: 0.14.6 tensorflow: 1.13.1

Hi @Vijay21! Have you tried testing the model on your local machine using rasa shell nlu?

Hi @tyd Yes I have tested my model using rasa nlu shell in my local machine

@Vijay21 And that model works when you tested it? You are only having issues when deployed on Docker?

Yes I have issue when I am running it in docker in my linux server @tyd

@Vijay21 have you tried upgrading to a newer version of Rasa NLU?

@tyd no I have not Trier upgrading to newer Version. . I have tried with docker Instance given by rasa.

@Vijay21 I strongly recommend you upgrade to the latest version of Rasa and give it a try and let us know how it goes.