Pass custom features to CRFEntityExtractor

A thing that seems like it would add a lot of out-of-the-box power to custom entity recognizers is the ability to pass token-level features to CRFEntityExtractor (previously ner_crf).

The simplest version of this would be a SpacyEntityFeaturizer that would make a token’s .vector attribute available to CRFEntityExtractor. That would let you use much more powerful features in classifying your custom entities than simply part-of-speech or the other current features.

I am working on a way to add this feature and would love comments/feedback/confirmation that others want this feature.

Thank you for proposing this idea. Did you perform any comparison experiments to analyze the performances?

still brainstorming that. Are there any standard datasets where this would be helpful?

The restaurantbot or something similar?

Here we go, updated the PR with the results from a rasa test nlu.:

thanks a lot! Let’s move the discussion to this PR. Our team will review it as soon as possible