Other slots get filled on the input

Right now in Form actions when i have a next required slot is ‘location’ and when i input a value that belongs to the entity ‘name’ NER CRF extracts the entity and fill the slot ‘name’ automatically. How can i ensure that my next required slot that is ‘location’ should get validated and filled only and other slots should not get filled.?

Hi @noman,

This is intended behaviour - I have to ask why you’d want users to repeat themselves if they gave you both the location and name in the same message?

Anyway, to get this behaviour you’d have to refactor the extract_other_slots() method in your forms code. You might also need to use the auto_fill: false flag in your domain.yml like is shown in Step 3 of this tutorial

Thanks for the reply. Its fine if they give slots in the same message but on requesting name slot if he inputs location slot then i want to restrict the user. Also I want to restrict the user that he could only fill the requested slot, because user can also enter a value that belongs to some other entity other than the required slots of the form action. in that case slots outside the form having same name as the entity user has entered action will get filled automatically. and when i will move to other form actions, slots could be already filled from the previous form action, that is not good. So basically i want to avoid this behavior. Well i will try your solution and get back to you. Thanks.

Also i don’t want to use auto_fill:false