Number of users at a given time

We are developing a financial institute bot. We need to give a dashboard and reports for the admin of the bot. For that, we need to provide the information of the number of users continuously on dashboard and the chat history for a given user and for a time period. How to arrive at the active users at a given point of time?

I don’t have a great answer for you. More of a complication, how would you define active users?

You can define active as “not at an exit state”, but this kind of interaction is very different from a phone call. Someone might start chatting and then walk away for 10 minutes. So…is a person still active after 1 minute of non-interaction? 5 minutes? 10? 20?

Practically however, you could monitor the tracker objects to determine whether an interaction is alive or dead.

Thanks, let me check how to do it with tracker