Nothing happens after triggering the action server

I have followed this tutorial “Running Rasa with Docker” available in the RASA documentation.

This is my custom action. custom-actions%20rasa

When the custom action triggers nothing happens. No reply from chatbot.

I don’t see your print statement in that logging output, does it ever hit that and print it? I was just wanting to ensure you had this custom ActionSkill assigned to a story setup so it would respond.


No it’s triggered. Can you see the action_server_1 log? The code is run when it’s triggered but nothing happens. I confirmed it by let it to have an error. where there is an error the errors is triggered ans show the log.

Well I meant more if this was working shouldn’t we see your print statement? Are you running in debug mode? Sorry I was traveling and on vacation for a bit so playing catchup on forum posts.

Hi @rpjayasekara check this if it helps you