Not able to get PyData Berlin 2018 ipynb working

I am trying code given at GitHub - RasaHQ/rasa-workshop-pydata-berlin and demoed at YouTube

It is not working with latest rasa core, errors due to policies, custom actions, etc.

Is it possible to get the ipynb working with the latest rasa? Also mention the step of how to run the actions server, within ipynb itself.



I would suggest doing regression/smoke testing before changing any APIs/Classes. The test suite should have all the published tutorials, at least the ones by Rasa folks themselves. Only when these pass, the new version should be published. If it does not pass, modified tutorials should be published.

This just for a basic sanity check.

Hi @yogeshkulkarni. Yes, that’s true that they are a bit behind current Rasa NLU and Core. However, do you still face the issues even after installing the locked Rasa NLU and Core versions, specified in a notebook?