Not able to fill slot

I am trying to filling “templateid” slot but instead “ordernum” entity is getting recognized and getting filled.

def request_next_slot(self, dispatcher: CollectingDispatcher, tracker: Tracker,

                    domain: Dict[Text, Any]):

            """Request the next slot and utter template if needed,else return None"""

            for slot in self.required_slots(tracker):


                obj = UserTemplate()

                print(self._should_request_slot(tracker, slot))

                if self._should_request_slot(tracker, slot):

                    print('Requsting slot',slot)

                    if slot == 'template_issue':

                        issueButtonsList = obj.getTemplateIssues()

                        dispatcher.utter_message(text = 'Please select what issue in template you are facing?',buttons = issueButtonsList)

                        return [SlotSet('template_issue', slot)]

                    if slot =='templateid':


                        # dispatcher.utter_message(template="utter_ask_template_id")


                        return [SlotSet('templateid',slot),FollowupAction("template_filter")]

                    if slot =='template_options':

                        issueButtonsList = obj.getTemplateOptions()

                        dispatcher.utter_button_message(text = 'Please select from the below options?',buttons = issueButtonsList)

                        return [SlotSet('template_options', slot)]

I understand the entity recognition and intent classification will happen on every user input but in this case templateid is not getting filled. “ordernum” is another slot which is getting filled so i want to copy its value in templateid slot and need to do validate_templateid

how do i dot that?

Hi, sorry for the late reply. Are you still experiencing an issue? If yes, could you share your training data and the phrases that are causing the issue so that I can understand it better?

I figured out a workaround to achieve this. I dont want to make my another slot “ordernum” make auto_fill as “False” so i am copying the value of ordernum slot in templateid.

But i am curious why template id is not getting filled even though i mentioned in slot mapping to pick the entity recognizer from my intent.

Not sure, this is hard to tell without knowing the definition of your required_slots function, or what obj.getTemplateOptions() does