No registered action found in Rasa

Hello I have an issue "No registered action found for name ‘action_get_news’. " I have my action in domain.yml. How to solve?

Hi. Can you please share your file and domain file? Also are you running rasa run actions in another terminal when talking to your chatbot?

You need to run the command: rasa run actions in a terminal. Then run rasa x or whatever you’re using. Try talking to your bot see if it works.

I run “rasa run actions” in separate terminal and in another terminal run “rasa shell” it works normal until i write something which is connected to file

If you could please upload your files here in a single folder. I can take a look. I think it could be because of white spaces in your intent name.

Okay so I didn’t get the feature error. However your python code has some syntax errors. Maybe try creating this project in another directory. Make sure webhook is not commented out in endpoints file.

Thank you! And one more question how can I create bot which creates question from sentence for example I write “Mary is 16 years old” and bot asks "How old is Mary? " something like this

You’re welcome. What you can do is create an intent called eg “intent_age” and give it an example which can be “Mary is 16 years old”. Create an utterance template “utter_ask_age” which the response “How old is Mary”. If you want the bot to use names that are being entered by the user you’ll have to use slots. Slots are basically variables which store data to be used in the program later on. The examples that I mentioned are using hard coded names. The right technique, again would be using slots. That way if the user says “Tim is 16 years old”. Tim would be stored in a variable and then you can add that in your utterance so the bot would end up saying “How old is Tim”. Hope this helps. Good luck!