No registered action found for name 'some custom action name'


I’m facing an issue with the Custom actions. I have a button function in the domain, the button has a payload that contains the list of more buttons contains custom action for each button. which I am displaying in the “carousel” . i am using webchat UI.

My issue here is if I use a maximum of three buttons my actions are running smoothly but if I add more buttons with custom actions its always throw me the error as below

No registered action was found for the name ‘some custom action name’.

I really don’t understand why it is happening. Is it because of adding more custom actions?.

Please help me here

Thanks :slight_smile:

@Zeusturbo your domain and custom action should have same buttons or if you only using custom action for carousel creation as attachment, add the new button for the same in domain or vice-versa.

hi, thanks for the reply,

Do you mean, I have to add the buttons in the domain as well, for the buttons were I used in the custom actions?

note: I am using API calls for each button. So is that is a reason for the problem cause?. because if I use a carousel with only one button with API call it works perfectly. but I’m facing this issue if I add more custom functions

Yes, API calls can be issued. If your API call is fixed i.e data or response return are 1 or 2 or 3 as per your buttons then it will be fine, if more than 3 then or even greater then It will be an issue. In short API response varies. Did you get my point?

is there any other way that I can fix this issue?

@Zeusturbo You directly want solution, you not told me the above post is right, are your API fixed or varies?

sorry i didnt get your point before properly. yes its fixed api.

and as u mentioned. if i call only three data variables it working fine. if i add more its crashes.

@Zeusturbo “if i call only three data variables it working fine. if i add more its crashes.”?