NLU Training data

what is the correct format adding data in NLU? I mean do i need to capture only the entities like below


(or) the complete question structure is required like the format shown in link. RASA Demo NLU


  • are there some tutorials i could look at
  • do you have tutorials
  • i need a tutorial on how to use rasa
  • rasa tutorial
  • can you show me a tutorial
  • i would like to follow a tutorial
  • do you have a tutorial i can follow
  • i am looking for a tutorial
  • i want a tutorial on rasa
  • i need a rasa tutorial
  • please show me a tutorial

Please advice?

Hi @kumarkrish85 Due to compliance with actual user’s input you should train with the complete question structure. The rasa-nlu-trainer might be of interest for you.

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Thanks @fallik