NLU detects random input with wrong intent that is none with zero confidence

If I provide random input text like "aoa, klh, umh” , Rasa NLU returns zero confidence with ‘none’ as an intent. I want my bot to call the fallback action on an out of scope words. Exact error is intent": None to "intent": {"name": None, "confidence": 0.0} . I am using tensorflow_embedding as a pipeline. Help would me much appreciated. Thanks.

The words you have mentioned above like "aoa, klh, umh” are termed as gibberish content , After 0.12 rasa returns intent as None for these cases as these are termed as out of scope messages. I have also seen these with tensorflow_embedding , you can either try different intent classifier like mitie or spacy or you can provide some phrases like these to your fallback itself (but that works up to some extent only). Or you can handle None also in your intent handler code for your client

Don’t you think there should be some other good solution rather than using mitie or spacy as intent classifiers.

if you find some then do tell me too :slight_smile: