NLU data kubernetes

we have question about Training data(NLU Training, Stories, Configuration, Domain) include as part of initial image delivery.

Currently in development environment, we use “GIT” integrated version control ( approach.

This we can not use, once we ship product to customer


Once we want to ship product to customer with Kubernetes configuration, we want to include initial version of Training data (NLU Training, Stories, Configuration, Domain)

With this so at customer side no action is required.

Is there any configuration available for the same ? like creating mounts or some environment variables ?

@swapnilumrikar what do you mean with “once you ship the product to the customer”? The reason for the git integration is so that you can continuously improve the bot, without that it will be somewhat difficult.

You can also manually upload the files in the UI, through the various upload buttons available. But like I said, I would strongly recommend always using a git integration