NLP for developers YouTube series!

Howdy Rasa @Community

We have even more videos heading your way as Senior Dev Advocate @rctatman presents a new series: NLP for Devs! :speaking_head:

:woman_teacher: What you will learn in this series:

  • What a specific NLP tool is & how it works
  • When you should consider using it in your own work
  • Common errors you might run into

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Hey Rasa Community,

It’s here! The latest episode of NLP for Developers is all about Transformers! :confetti_ball:

In this video, Rasa Developer Advocate Rachael will talk about what transformers are, how they work, when they’re used and some common errors:


Hey everyone,

In the latest NLP for Devs video, Rachael will talk about a new, efficient and accurate method for representing conversations in machine learning applications: