Ngrok doesent show Rasa Webchat

Hello im trying to share my Rasa Chatbot with help of Ngrok with other people. I can chat with the bot when I open my index.html file. However, I cant see the chat widget when I open it with the Url for Ngrok.

My code:

Socketio in credentials file: socketio

my HTML /java script code which connects chatwidget with localhost 5005

connect ngrok to HTTP 5005

I start the rasa server with the command: rasa run -m models --enable-api --cors "*”

So far so good. When I open my index.html file manually I can chat with the bot and see the chatwidget

Now I want to access the URL form ngrok: which forwards to my localhost 5005. I can access the page but I get a blank page without any chat widget. It only says Hello from Rasa: 3.5.10

Does anyone know whats the problem and help me ?

Thank you !