Newbie in doubt with use case of Rasa

Hi gurus, My problem: I need to deploy the following:

-Hi, are you {name}
-Yes or no (if no, say goodbye)
-Are you healthy?
-Yes or no
-Are you currently working?
-Yes or no

etc… about 15 questions “yes or no”, and after that, given the information provided by the user, ask other questions and have another stories depending on previous answers.

I’m doing this (first 15 questions) with one story for “are you {name} - no” and other story for “are you {name} - yes” and the other questions using “or - intent yes / intent no”, using slots for storing the answers.

The problem I’m having is that it seems that the model get confused in the 4th or 5th question and if I answer “no” it goes to the “are you {name} - no” story and says goodbye. I tried with “rasa interactive” and it creates a very similar story (no "or"s, obviously) but adds a “slot was set”. If I do that, I should use again the “or”. In the docs, Rasa people says that we should not use “or” so much, but I don’t know other way to do this.

Can I do something like this (it’s simple, really) with Rasa? I think that I’m using the wrong approach, I work currently with Watson Assistant, I’m trying to migrate, but the “way of thinking” is totally different and I’m probably lost in the way.

What do you think?

Thanks in advice.

Create a form for this.

I discovered forms like 3 hours ago. It works, but I have the first question of the form. “Are you {name}?” I’m doing the {name} part with an action that connects to a DB and get the name, so that is not part of the form. I have now the big doubt with the “yes” or “no”, I’m handling them as intents, I guess that’s wrong, but I don’t know how to fill the slots of the form if “yes” and “no” are entities, because they should be two entities and you fill slots only by one (or am I wrong?). Now, if I answer “yes”, Rasa jumps to the beginning of the form. (because it starts when I say “yes” to the {name} question)

Any thoughts?

Thanks for you response.

The yes/no questions should each be separate slots and you control the order of the slot filling based on the form definition.