Need to connect websocket in java application

Hello, I am new in rasa. I am not able to connect with rasa using socket. I am using java. So, please help me. or share some examples.

Hi @priteshlakkad and welcome to the Rasa community!

Could you share some more details about what’s not working? Logs and error reports would allow us to help you :slight_smile:

Hello @m-vdb, Thanks for the reply. I try to connect with the rasa WebSocket with the java stomp client. here are my code

        WebSocketClient client = new StandardWebSocketClient();
        WebSocketStompClient stompClient = new WebSocketStompClient(client);
        stompClient.setMessageConverter(new MappingJackson2MessageConverter());
        StompSessionHandler sessionHandler = new MyStompSessionHandler();
        stompClient.connect(URL, sessionHandler);

If you have any example to connect with the java client. Can you please share with us?