Need suggestions on following the best design practice for building a bot for a use case

Hi, so I want to build a chatbot that can extract certain entities/parameters and once all the required entities have been taken as input from the user, give the answer. So let’s say I have Parameters A,B,C and D. And I also have questions 1,2,3,4,5. The user may say just 1 and not specify any parameters, in which case the bot should ask the user to specify parameters or the user may say 1 and also provide all paramters A,B,C,D. Similar for questions 1 to 5. What would be the best way to design intents and actions?

Hi, probably you can take a look at this github repo here. There are several examples to refer.

Hope this helps!

You can accomplish this with forms. Take a look at this blog post and the Forms page.