Native Voice interested in hiring contractors to create media voice assistant

Hi everyone! I just joined the Rasa community and my company, Native Voice, is interested in hiring Rasa developers to create a voice assistant to handle media (radio stations, podcasts, sports and news content).

What is the best way to reach out to the Rasa community and post an RFP?

Thank you!


Hello @kirkowen

Hope you doing well!

I would be glad to assist you with your requirement.

Please connect with me:- Email – Skype - live:.cid.baff7c7dd9471b54

Best Regards Trish C.

Hi Kirk,

If you are still on the lookout for some help I would be glad to help you out, as what you are wanting done is well within my area of expertise.

You can reach me on

Best Wishes,


Hi Kirk,

If you are still looking for Raa developers I would like to talk to you! I am an experienced Rasa developer and am open from November onwards. This is not just me but I could bring another co-worker as well. We have mainly been working for the Dutch government on their chatbots for the pas three years so we are quite experienced!

Send me an email at if you are interested!