Naming convention of intents

I was wondering whether there’s a best practice for naming intents. For example, look at the following four sentences:

  • You are funny
  • Are you funny?
  • I’m funny
  • Am I funny?

So now I have four different intents regarding ‘funniness’. Especially for smalltalk stories, these situations often arise. I saw some naming practices like: user.funny and agent.funny, but in that case it’s still not clear whether it’s a statement or question.

Moreover, are there any limits of intent names? Can intent names include special characters or would this lead to some error somewhere down the road? E.g. I was thinking of naming them like this:

  • agent.funny
  • agent.funny?
  • user.funny
  • user.funny?

Just wanted to see if someone came up with great naming conventions for their projects.

hey @smn-snkl read this article this is useful

That’s interesting, thanks! I generally agree with his thoughts, but I still think they don’t solve the simple issue above. According to this, I’d probably name them something like:

  • UserProvidesAgentFunny
  • UserAsksAgentFunny
  • UserProvidesUserFunny
  • UserAsksUserFunny


In that case, I also believe you may want to leave out the User prefix, as almost all intents will start with User, or am I wrong?

Also is there a way to give an intent two names? For example, for some of the most important intents, I might want to give my users a “direct code” to the intent. E.g. to allow them to type /joke instead of pls tell me a joke

Hi simon,
i have the same issue like you. Did you handle that case??