Namespace changes from rasa_core to rasa.core

i have been trying to get the Online Quickstart example Rasa Playground to work and get warnings in several cells that rasa_core has been changed to rasa.core… however making the changes i get the following warning:

and leaving it as rasa_core gives me the same error as the changed reference when interacting with the online image

It worked correctly last week and now i cannot use the quickstart version to give a demo

please assist. thanks

Hi @loujah,

How are you loading the modules on ?

If you just want to run the quickstart demo as it is. You can downgrade rasa. Use version 0.14.3 for rasa_core:

pip3 install rasa_core==0.14.3

Regards, Leo

Hi No I am running it directly on that page using the facility so it shouldn’t be referencing anything local. Please look at the Quickstart page where it allows you to run the code directly in an online docker image by clicking the Run button for each required process step.

Ahh if you are doing it online. Can you try with the older version of the documentation?

Maybe it will work.

EDIT: Ok, I tried over here and it didn’t work :frowning_face:

Hi there @loujah, you want rasa.core. We are aware of that first warning, and it is showing up when it shouldn’t, we haven’t got around to getting rid of the warning. However, we have not found it to actually cause any ‘unpredictable behaviours,’ It’s not an error you have to worry about.

@custodio and @erohmensing Thanks for the feedback it also didn’t work for me using both Chrome and Safari on three separate machines which means it couldn’t be machine or browser related

  • but I have managed to identify the problem and direct the resolution to a finer point

It would appear that the version I used last week was not on the quickstart page I referenced… the exact same example is on the page and when running this again I don’t get any of the earlier mentioned namespace warnings and it works 100% - from the earlier warnings and errors on the Quickstart page it would appear tensorflow might be the issue… but I haven’t done a compare on the two examples… All I can say is the Quickstart Example needs to make use of the Try it out Step 2 code and it works like a dream

Thanks so much again for the assistance… this is truly amazing stuff!