My rasa bot is working in my own website locally. How do I make it available to everyone across the world by deploying it on heroku using docker?

I have created a rasa bot and I connected it to a front end UI which I am rendering through flask. The widget works fine locally. But when I deployed the bot along with the flask on heroku using docker , the generated link is showing rasa 2.0.2 . Its not displaying the UI my flask is rendering. Do i have to deploy the bot and the flask seperately. Please help me…

Thanks in advance

I am unfamiliar with Heroku so I can only offer you limited help but it sounds like you are running both a flask app as well as Rasa? Are you running this in a docker container? Are you running Rasa X as well?

I have found this community project. It’s a bit dated, but it might be an example worth investigating.

Yes i am running flask app as well as Rasa. I am running it in docker container. No I am not running Rasa X.

Will Look into this. Thank you.