Mute utter_ask_slot_name when the slot_name is filled

Hi, Is there a way that mute utter_ask_slot_name response whenever slot_name is filled? Thanks

@zamaniali1995 can you please share some example?

I am designing a chatbot. I want to give the client the ability to withdraw a consent agreement that the client has been agreed at the beginning of the conversation. Whenever the client asks for withdrawal the chatbot will confirm it and if the client does not confirm it, the chatbot should return back to the last point that the user asked about withdrawal. For this reason, I will return back to the beginning of the main branch, and since the required slots have been already filled, the conversation will jump to the last point. The problem is that during moving from the beginning of the conversation to the last point, the chatbot shows utter_ask messages. This is the reason that I want to mute utter_asks in this step.

If the slot is filled, it will not be asked for.