MultiWoz dataset support in RASA 3.x

Hello, Could someone please guide on how to use multiwoz dataset with Rasa 3.x.

Hi @crushz - welcome to the forum! There are no officially supported scripts for doing this, but you mind find some useful content in this repo

This is one of the repos I have been following for the conversion. But unfortunately, I have not been able to successfully run the project on my machine.

I have been also trying to convert the dataset from this repo GitHub - JEM-Mosig/multiwoz: Source code for end-to-end dialogue model from the MultiWOZ paper (Budzianowski et al. 2018, EMNLP) to yml and that doesn’t work either

@amn41 the scripts for multiwoz are not working. I am having all sorts of issues. Wondering if there is any updated version

@crushz Any luck with finding any new scripts?