Multiple Slot Mapping Overwriting Issue

hello Guys, I am facing a problem with multiple slot mapping, I identified two different slot mappings one from_entity and the other from_text with the condition that the form is active and the requested slot is the same slot which I want to be filled, My target is to make the slot mapping in a usual way from_entity value but if that failed for any reason the bot supposed to make the mapping from_text as to continue in the form, but what is happening with me is: the slot is being mapped from_entity in a good way and at the same time is overwritten with the other mapping from_text which leads to wrong results.

here is the part on the domain.yml at which I am identifying the slots:

    type: categorical
    influence_conversation: true
    - type: from_entity
      entity: flight_type
    - type: custom
    - type: from_text
      - active_loop: Baggage_Allowance_form
        requested_slot: slot_flight_type
    - domestic
    - International

when the form is open and I give this utterance to bot “my flight type is domestic” domestic is the value of the flight type entity, two slot_was_set is happening after each other: first slot_was_set: domestic and just after it is overwritten with that slot_was_set: ‘my flight type is domestic’.

what I am looking for, is slots once it is filled with any one of the mappings it is supposed to stop overwriting

can I find help?

When you use from_text slot mapping, it will always fill the slot with the last user utterance.

You can either remove the from_text slot mapping or check if the slot is already filled during slot validation and change the behavior as you wish.

You can also use rasa interactive to write your stories.