Multiple functions question

Hello guys, thank you in advance.

I am working on a chatbot using Rasa, and these are the functions I want it to have:

  1. Remember user’s choices.
  2. User can reset their choices and choose a different choice.
  3. Chatbot’s responses are affected by these choices.
  4. Self learning Chatbot: When chatbot doesn’t understand something, instead of assigning a “what might be an appropriate intent” it would ask the user which intent he meant and then create a story depending on the user’s choice. So when the same message is sent to the chatbot again it would know what to do.

Can you help me understand how they’re done, or send me a link to an existing project or video that contains these functions so I can learn how to do them.

Thank you again, I appreciate any help.

Hey @bndrq0!

Points 1 and 3 sound like what’s described in Contextual conversations.

Resetting the choices would then be equivalent to resetting the slot values, which can be done inside a custom action (see e.g. this forum thread), the action itself being triggered by some particular intent/entity.

“Self-learning”: There is no existing project for this. While it can be done, I also think that it’s too risky. How will the users know which of the intents their message falls into? Will the users always be honest? Will the users be able to specify not just the intent, but also which bot action should follow? This being said, you can tweak the NLU fallback flow to achieve something like what you’re describing.

Thank you for your reply, I was able to do points 1-2-3, and will start working on 4 soon.

I agree with you about it being too dangerous and could possibly ruin the chatbot, so I thought I’d handle it by storing the user’s message in a database and adding it manually or possibly in the future find an automatic solution for it that eliminates said danger.

Thanks again for your reply, it was helpful and insightful!

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